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Kris, English Professor

Joined in June 2018

It's a fantastic platform that offers a lot to its clients. I decided to settle down with the firm because here I have a good flow of orders, The Support Team is friendly, and my payments are always on time.

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Rory, Artist

Joined in April 2019

I have been using MoonWriters since 2019, and I have to say that it is a very useful platform for those who want to transform skills into something good. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the QA team for their professional guidance and the Support Department for their 24/7 help. Also, I am especially fond of my Account Manager and her ability to resolve misunderstandings.

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Anastasia, Business Analytic

Anastasia, Business Analytic

Honestly, this is my best digital job experience so far. In the beginning, I had some issues with the QAD where we could not find the consensus on one of the orders, but we worked it out very soon!

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David, Medical Researcher,

Joined in September 2017

I’ve been working with WH for quite a while and I am 100% sure this freelance platform is simply the best! They always have a good supply of interesting and challenging jobs for me!

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Nate, Proofreader

Joined in January 2018

I’ve been working for MoonWriters for almost a year now, and I am quite satisfied with it. The terms of involvement and compensation perfectly fit those who primarily aim at earning as freelancers. Payments are timely, support is 24/7, not bad. Personal account managers do their job perfectly well, I can always count on them if I were right in the situation. Therefore, I feel like I'm truly part of the company and not just a freelancer!

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Jane, Artist

Joined in November 2017

I'd like to thank my manager Brooke for all the help she provided. It's great to work with such a professional, especially when you are a newbie.

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